​Personal Chefs

Personal Chefs

Personal chefs can be a pride and joy around a house especially when the person who hired the chef is incredibly busy. It should feel wonderful to know you can be at home without raising a spatula and still be well fed. We believe in making your life easier which is why we provide you with amazing professionals who have studied food thoroughly. We give you top notch professionals to tickle your taste buds. If you have found yourself eating our regularly without as much time invested in a home-cooked meal, it may be time for you to invest in a personal chef.

Who are Personal Chefs?
Personal chefs are not to be confused with private chefs. Sure, you can arrange to receive the services of a personal chef as often as you may need the meals, but personal chefs do not necessarily live at home with the family. Personal chefs come to your home to prepare meals for you often at least once a week. The food is stored in your refrigerator or freezer so that you can be prepared to eat well for the full week. Personal chefs are especially useful in households where a person has dietary restrictions based on health factors or just the will to improve one’s diet. They especially work well in households where people are bogged down with work and have the income to support a consistent chef.

When people think of personal chefs, they often think that hiring a personal chef is a luxury reserved for people with a lot of money. While having a two-income household can make affording a personal chef more reasonable, we try to remain cost-efficient so that more people can recognize that they are capable of having a personal chef. Considering personal chefs are not private chefs, you will not be responsible for paying the chefs a nearly 6 figure salary. However, we consider the price of service on an hourly basis. We also consider whether or not our chef has to shop for the groceries on his or her own.

Matching Personalities
We consider our chefs and our clients holistically. What this means is that we will pair you with a chef for reasons beyond simply meeting your cooking needs. We want you to be able to build a relationship with the chef we will send to you. This is why we have you complete a survey about your wants and needs in a personal chef. The goal is that you’ll see our chefs as an essential part of your life. You need to eat and work well, and our team member is there to make you feel undefeatable.

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Personal chefs are becoming more and more popular as more people take on second and third jobs to main their livelihood. There is no longer enough time to have the traditional home in which mom took care of the kids and may or may not have had one job. Today, moms and dads work multiple jobs. Where is the time to come together as a family? Our chefs provide you with that time, and our home-cooked meals are even better than you could have ever imagined. We’ll sort out the healthy foods and the snack foods and ensure that you are well-fed and delighted.


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