​About Our Service

Personal Chef & Food Delivery Services is here to make your life more enjoyable. We know how difficult it can be to work full-time jobs, attend school, and cook consistent meals for oneself. You don’t have to explain yourself to us. Instead, we’d like to explain our services to you. We assist customers in Washington DC, Baltimore, Maryland, and Alexandria, Virginia. We know how close the locations are to one another and we want to be as accessible as possible to people in need. We know that driving can also be a strenuous activity. There isn’t always parking, and driving can take time away from your daily duties. When you want to eat, you simply want food prepared. Allow us to take care of the heavy-duty work. We will deliver the meals you desire, or we can serve you food within your home.

We take pride in our offerings. Our business thrives off being a luxury to you. We don’t want you to lift another finger. We understand that many people are currently lifting so much in terms of taking care of daily bills and responsibilities. It’s unfortunate that taking care of some of our basic life necessities has become stressful. We know you need food. Allow us to help you alleviate some of your stress. Our prices are cost-efficient. You’ll wonder why you didn’t invest in us before. Our meal prep services are some of the most enviable in our field of business. If you’re a vegetarian—no worries. Let us know your food restrictions and we will serve you the best dishes that feed your soul. Contact us today for more info.


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​Fairfax, VA