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We are thrilled that you have come to visit our page, where we offer the people of Fairfax, Virginia the food services it needs so that all residents can live more productive lives. We know that you’ve been looking to make life a little less hectic, and we are here to share information with you about what makes our business a stellar choice for you to live a more relaxed life. You like to eat great food and we enjoy eating and making it.

Unlike you, our job is to prepare food for you. You’re likely juggling multiple hats. We empathize and are here to come to your rescue. You won’t regret seeking our services.

About Us
Personal Chef & Deliver Services offers exactly what the title implies. Can you imagine working late nights and waking up to the smell of blueberry pancakes or sautéed vegetables? Imagine inhaling those aromas while knowing that you have not stepped foot in your kitchen. We want to take care of your cooking needs and free up some of your mental space so that you can deliver top results at school or at work. Our job is to deliver you top results with our meals, so we are focused on satisfying you.   We service Fairfax, Virginia Baltimore, Maryland, the D.C. area, and Alexandria, Virginia.


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We offer a number of services that are geared toward customer satisfaction.  We take pride in making sure you feel as though your money has been well spent. We come to you. You can have a chef preparing meals within your home or you can receive our meals when you need them. We want you to be healthy and well-fed. Hand over your food needs to us and we will meet your needs. We even assist with larger events. If you want us to take care of a party, we can provide you with the food you request and even offer you some awesome food ideas.

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Personal Chefs

Chef Delivery Service

​Meal Delivery Service

Personal Chefs
Personal chefs are becoming more and more of a necessity. People are struggling with their weight because they can’t find time to sit down and have proper meals. When one is on the go and hungry, any food options are likely. With a personal chef, you don’t have to worry about overspending money on foods that you don’t truly enjoy. We will prepare your breakfast, lunch, and dinner if those are the services you desire. You’ll have a quality meal for a fair price.

Chef Delivery Service
Sometimes you want a quality meal that isn’t something that you order from a fast food restaurant. You want a meal that makes you feel as though you attended a 5-star restaurant. You want a meal that tastes as though care was put into its preparation. We are the business that cares about your food satisfaction and because we care, you will taste that care in each bite. We don’t want you to resort to fast food chains. Resort to certified chefs who take pride in making sure their food makes you smile.

Meal Delivery Service
Our meal delivery service is much the same; however, we offer an array of foods. The foods we deliver from our certified chefs have a little bit more pizzazz. Our meal delivery services are our prepared meals that cover some of the main nutrition points. The meals may not have as much of the unique chef flare, but they are delicious and fulfill your needs for a healthy meal prepared when you need it. We know that you sometimes you need a meal sent to your door. We give you a wonderful mix of foods that will make you feel delighted that you did not order from a typical restaurant. We want to give you a unique experience.

Healthy Food Nutritionist​

​Special Event Catering Services

​In Home Meal Prep

Healthy Food Nutritionist
In order to maintain health and stabilize one’s weight, a healthy food nutritionist can come in major handy. If you’re an entertainer, someone who has faced health challenges, or someone who simply needs assistance with staying on schedule with eating healthy foods, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our services provide you with a luxury that so many people could benefit from having. It’s not always easy to lose weight and maintain that weight if you don’t have someone who is like a fitness coach ensuring that you stay committed to a healthy diet. Our nutritionists will allow you to know as much as possible about healthy foods and the ones that will be a sure asset to your overall health.
Special Event Catering Services
We not only service individuals who could use a load off their shoulders, but we also provide customers with wonderful options for larger parties. We help cater special events for holidays, weddings, birthdays, school and work events. You name it, and we can cater it. Give us an idea of what types of foods you would like on the menu, and we’ll work our hardest to deliver results that will leave you impressed. We know how to make a party stand out. We want your guests to leave your party impressed by the delicious foods they ate. That’s why we put extra care and love into our meals. We care about your satisfaction.

In Home Meal Prep
As mentioned before, we can come directly to your home. We know that sometimes you need someone else to make the foods in their entirety. You deserve to know exactly what is going into your food and how it is being prepared. Don’t fret. We have a skilled team of cooks who are eager to show off their skills. Allow us to match you with someone who will make your home feel even more pleasant when you return from a long day of work and smell the chocolate cake baking in the oven. We are taking cooking to another level. Allow us to serve you.

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You now know what we’re about. I’m sure your curiosity has peaked! We want you to start making healthier decisions—not only in terms of food but also in terms of your time. Be honest with yourself. You no longer have the time to cook for yourself or even cook for a whole party of guests. Why put yourself in a vulnerable position, fighting to make magic happen in the kitchen when you have so much magic to make happen in your professional life. Cooking is our profession. We’ll give you the foods you need in no time. Contact us today, and learn even more about all of our wonderful deals.

“Personal Chef & Food Delivery Services is phenomenal. I felt as though I was really stretching my funds when I first hired this business even though they are not expensive at all. It’s just that I never thought I’d be a person with a personal chef, but I’m so glad I hired this company. My life has been made easier.”— Joanne G.

“First of all, I thought only celebrities had personal chefs. Who in the world did I think I was to hire one? But I’ll tell you one thing, my friends love my personal chef and a few of them are planning to get a personal chef themselves.”—Zoey O.

“Ever since my wife passed away, it has been really hard for me. I gained a lot of weight because I found myself eating out at horrible restaurants. My wife was the main person who cooked, and she was amazing. I finally buckled down and hired a personal chef, and boy she is she a great cook. I eat well and I don’t feel as alone around the house.” Jeff T.


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